Can being tired affects our thinking?

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  • Can being tired affects our thinking?


Answer #1 | 03/02 2017 15:12
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Answer #2 | 03/02 2017 14:57
Yes, being tired affects your brain and thinking a lot. When you are fatigued or did not get enough sleep, that is all your brain can think about.
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Answer #3 | 03/02 2017 15:07
Yes. it definitely affects your actions and your way of thinking.
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Answer #4 | 04/02 2017 06:00
Yes it definitely does, when you are tired you're being clumsy. A research discovered that people will more likely to point to safe options when they are tired. People who were tired were less most likely to participate in dangerous behaviors, most likely to choose items highlighting security functions and more likely to take preventative measures like having actually health tests done. You will also agree that being tired means yo are performing at lower levels than you normally. And you will notice an improvement in your performance after you get some sleep on a regular basis. Especially in terms of sport, the results would greatly different.
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Answer #5 | 04/02 2017 03:33
Yes. When I'm tired I think of my bed, when I'm not, I don't ;)
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Answer #6 | 09/02 2017 23:04
yeah... when i'm tired i think of my bed, when i'm not, i don't ;)
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Answer #7 | 03/02 2017 14:57
May be depends on that person.
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