Can asking and answering questions in uncommon categories help keep you safe from violations?

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  • Can asking and answering questions in uncommon categories help keep you safe from violations?


Answer #1 | 21/05 2011 23:11
Maybe try it and find out
Answer #2 | 22/05 2011 03:55
Yes,It will help to decrease but there is also a chance to get violation.Low scopes area such as Dinning out and travel categories,there will be only one or two question inside small categories.But low scope are will have no open question.If so your answer will be reported by the questioner.That is the problem. I tested it and I prooved it by asking a question in Polls & survives and dinning out.When I asked in polls & survives my question has been deleted in seconds and in dinning out my question don't. But answers can be reported by questioner.You are right that will decrease the chance.And high scope area will increase the chance such as in Polls & survives.
Answer #3 | 22/05 2011 13:49
I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty certain it's the question asker and other answerers who are doing the flagging. It doesn't seem like the moderators are doing random checks. I think they wait until one of us has brought something to their attention. Like you, I WAS a top contributor, yet I get violation notices every few days because I like to "tell it like it is." If someone's being stupid or rude with their question, then I say so--and I can be a smart a** at times. I don't hold much back. I find that I usually end up hitting a lot of nerves in the religion/spirituality and dating sections. That's where a lot of the cry-babies and tattle-tales are. And the tweeners who come on looking for someone else to do their homework. Their feelings get hurt real fast when you point out what they're doing and don't talk to them in the mamby-pamby b.s. tone that their teachers and parents use with them.
Answer #4 | 02/07 2011 23:39
As long as you're not actually eating her feet, then it's fine. Last time I ate somebody's foot, I got arrested. It's also normal to do foot things to girl's mouths.

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