Can anyone suggest what i can do today? I have no car, 3 children and hardly any money but we need a day out?

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  • Can anyone suggest what i can do today? I have no car, 3 children and hardly any money but we need a day out?


Answer #1 | 24/03 2009 01:43
Go to the beach or a park, its a lovely sunny day, just go out and enjoy it. Make a packed lunch so you dont buy stuff when you are out.
Answer #2 | 24/03 2009 02:02
Ask the children : )
Answer #3 | 24/03 2009 01:50
a walk on the beach go to the park or even the library
Answer #4 | 24/03 2009 01:48
Take them for a picnic, its a nice day and if you have a dog taking a ball will keep them entertained for ages.
Answer #5 | 24/03 2009 01:46
I don't know about you but a day out for me means communing with nature. Do you have a garden? Anything that entails bonding with your children in things they love the most and in things that you are all comfortable with could be considered as quality time together. Relax, you don't have to spend to give your family a day out.
Answer #6 | 24/03 2009 01:46
If you haven't a car than take them for walks in the park and play with them.
Answer #7 | 24/03 2009 02:43
Go on a beach or a picnic, pack lunch which is liked by children like cake,cookies etc.If u want may be u could also go with some of ur relatives or friends.Play games with them and enjoy urself.
Answer #8 | 24/03 2009 04:03
take the kids to the library. Don't they have sessions where the librarian reads them stories?look into it
Answer #9 | 25/03 2009 06:39
have a treasure hunt!
Answer #10 | 24/03 2009 08:50
Not sure what is available in UK. but here are things we do in Fla. There are usually museums kids ones or airplane ones they go by donation. Library they love to go and read books. Finger painting?clay pottery? make cookies w them.Mine love to cook bake cakes etc. long walks wear them out collect rocks or plants or sticks? go to a pond and feed the turtles or fish in it.w loaf of bread..we do this daily.
Answer #11 | 24/03 2009 06:11
isn't there a zoo around? hopefully london isn't far away, but I wouldn't know livin in the states.
Answer #12 | 24/03 2009 05:02
the beach park libary muesum good day for as pinic indoor play house paint bake cakes make a tresire hunt go swimming
Answer #13 | 24/03 2009 05:27
When my daughter was a child, on the first real Spring day of the year I used to bang together a picnic..sandwiches and fruit and something to drink, crisps and biscuits and ice-creams when I could afford it.Then we would go to the park for at least a couple of hours just to celebrate the end of Winter. We did this for years until she was in her late teens and refused to continue humouring her parents. All the same, she now remembers this family tradition with great fondness although we did many more exciting and quite a few more expensive things along the way. Start a family tradition of your own. You could get the kids to make their own pictures of wherever you go when you get home again.

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