Can a student work more than 20hrs/week in Australia?

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  • Can a student work more than 20hrs/week in Australia?


Answer #1 | 16/10 2013 10:52
Of course not. The visa has a max number of working hours of 20 per week. An international student,before being given a visa, has promised the government he/she has sufficient funds to cover their tuition and living costs. The work permitted is supposed to be for extras, pocket money if you like. If they are having trouble covering their living costs obviously they lied to immigration. The 20 hours is 20 hours and many employers "tell" immigration about the extra hours in order to deport the students without having to pay them (and it's the international employers who do this the most).
Answer #2 | 17/10 2013 01:42
While his course is in session, he can work for up to 40 hours per FORTNIGHT meaning that he could work for say 10 hours one week and 30 hours the next week then 5 the next week then 35 and so on - the 40 hours/fortnight rather than a flat 20 hours per week rule was introduced to make it easier for students to work flexible rosters. During inter semester breaks (i.e. the mid year break between semester 1 and 2 and the long summer break), he can work unlimited hours. Even if he's starving or can't afford to pay for tuition and/or rent, he cannot work outside the above rules and it is impossible to have them extended for any reason. If he works more hours than allowed, his visa will be cancelled. It used to be difficult for DIAC (now DIBP) to check the amount of work a student was doing but immigration now shares and cross checks data with the ATO so you WILL get caught if you do the wrong thing.
Answer #3 | 17/10 2013 05:09

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