Can a overseas phone be used in the united states?

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  • Can a overseas phone be used in the united states?


Answer #1 | 21/12 2013 00:47
some can, some can't. cell phone companies transmit to and from the phones on their system using a certain set of frequencies. Different cell phone companies sometimes use a completely different set of frequencies from each other, and various models of cell phones are built to work with some specific set of frequencies, that is compatible with the carrier that sells them. There's a set of frequencies that are fairly universal, that is, they're used by carriers all over the world. Phones that are built to work with these frequencies are sometimes called "world phones" because they will usually work with carriers in most if not all countries, all over the world. You need to look up the specs of the phone you're thinking of getting, find out what frequencies it uses, and find out if those are frequencies supported by your carrier If you post the make and model of the phone and the carrier you want to use it on, somebody might be willing to google this information for you.

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