Can a 6 month old eat solid solid veggies, fruit and pasta?

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  • Can a 6 month old eat solid solid veggies, fruit and pasta?


Answer #1 | 29/09 2013 13:08
depends what you mean when you say solids, my daughter started having baby food around then but would still need milk as well.
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Answer #2 | 01/10 2013 15:47
Its best to stick with foods that dissolve, like goldfish or cheerios, for another few months.
Answer #3 | 29/09 2013 11:05
no. mushy food for him pls
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Answer #4 | 01/10 2013 07:22
No it's not safe. If by solid solid veggies you mean broccoli that is like hard and carrots and all that then no. Also the pasta could choke him. If he has teeth already then **maybe** you can give him TINY TINY (Sorry it looks like I'm screaming I just want to emphasize tiny) pieces of pasta (just cut the pasta up into really small pieces (regular spaghetti would be best since it's not too small yet also not too big)) and like small pieces of sort of mushy apples, but only if he has teeth. I think that you should just stick to baby food and milk for him right now though just to be on the safe side. Maybe when he's around a year and/or more then you can give him that sort of stuff but not yet. :)

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