Can a 14 year old buy a drink in the pub (UK)?

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  • Can a 14 year old buy a drink in the pub (UK)?


Answer #1 | 12/10 2013 08:19
No you would be asked to leave. Go to the shop instead.xx
Answer #2 | 12/10 2013 08:26
Answer #3 | 12/10 2013 08:20
If you look 18+ you can buy an alcoholic drink. I find it a privilege to be 13 but look 18:)
Answer #4 | 12/10 2013 08:47
As long as it's non alcoholic and they let you inside than yeah
Answer #5 | 12/10 2013 09:20
you just asked 2 totally different questions. so ill answer both for you: NO you cannot buy a "drink" and yes, can can buy a non-alcoholic drink.
Answer #6 | 12/10 2013 08:22
You can go to a pub (accompanied by an adult), but you cannot purchase a drink at the bar (even a non-alcoholic one). Until you are 16, an adult would have to actually purchase your drink. At 16, you can actually drink beer or wine in a pub, but it must be purchased by someone over 18, and it must accompany a meal cooked on the premises.
Answer #7 | 12/10 2013 10:07
I cannot believe the incorrect answers posted here by folks who dont have a clue . It is against the law to serve alcohol to minors but of course you can get a non alcoholic drink . They may even give you one , then ask you to leave due to the atmosphere of the place so as not to influence your future.
Answer #8 | 12/10 2013 09:22
no 1 under drinking age is allowed to sit, stand or buy anything from the bar

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