Boundery fence's need help who pays what?

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  • Boundery fence's need help who pays what?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 20:20
Personally I have totally NO fences on My property and have never had a problem. I get along with My neighbours and mind My own business. Suggest You do the same and save Yourselves a few dollars.
Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 20:20
just pay for it by yourself and put it on the property line but leave room for maintenance access on both sides
Answer #3 | 28/12 2013 22:46
If they are old, they will die soon, so have them sign a promissory note for their share, pay for it yourself, then collect from the estate when they die.
Answer #4 | 29/12 2013 04:38
Buy your own fence & put it on your property. No one is under any obligation to help pay for a fence on your property, especially if they are not fencing their property and linking the fence lines. Can you just build a smaller run in the back for temporary and place it so it can become part of a larger fence when you have the cash?
Answer #5 | 30/12 2013 07:29
If the fences are shared with the neighbours I would say they should contribute towards them. Get in touch with the agent you bought the house from - they should know who owns what. It's a shame you didn't do it before you bought it. If they can't help you contact the local council. I shouldn't take too much notice of the neighbours pleading poverty - if they've got stocks and shares they're not short of money. In England you own the fence on the right hand side of your house - looking at it from the front - but I don't know how it works in Aus.
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Answer #6 | 29/12 2013 05:42
They don't have to pay a dime your the one who wants the fence so pay for it, you can not make your neighbors split the cost for something they have no need for.

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