Body Building Help to gain weight?

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  • Body Building Help to gain weight?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 23:00
Ok first of all I'm going to help you out big time. As soon as I saw $200 dollars I was like wtf. I've been lifting for quite a bit and I'm pretty sure you're a begginer so here we go. 1. Please don't spend money on ANY preworkout OR creatine. You don't need it. Use preworkout a once you've been lifting for at least 2.5 years. Creatine doesn't really do anything except increase your strength slightly for the period of time your taking it. You take it for 2 months and you get a little stronger but once you stop taking it gains go away. 2. Go ahead and buy protein BUT don't buy Optimum nutrition. Yes, it's a good brand but like I said you're a begginer and don't need it. You'll get the same results from a cheaper protein at Walmart like body fortress. 3. Use the money you were gonna spend on that stuff to buy lots of fish and chicken. Make sure you have two meals of fish/chicken everyday with some type of good carbohydrate source. 4. Txt me for ? 817 953 0694 I'll answer

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