Board Examinations, specially concerning Physics and Chemistry.?

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  • Board Examinations, specially concerning Physics and Chemistry.?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 20:55
I am not particularly familiar with hsc Maharashtra, but I would advise you to first make a table with the parameters: chapter name/marks/difficulty level. For marks, write the number of marks the board question paper will have for the questions of the chapter. For difficulty level, it is all about what you feel. Give each chapter an honest estimate of the ranking, regarding the difficulty level. You can give it stars, like in the movie reviews. Now obviously, the chapter with the greater number in the marks column is the most important. However, you want its difficulty level to be the least. For example, say chapter 8 is having 15 marks, and difficulty is 7, and chapter 9 is also 15 marks, but difficulty is 5, then chapter 9 is more important, as that is the chapter which you are confident of, and are less likely to make mistakes with. In this way, rank all the chapters according to their importance. Study accordingly. All the best P.S. This process will take an hour or less only, don't skip it. Do it right now, don't procrastinate.

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