Blip why haven't you killed ernie yet?

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  • Blip why haven't you killed ernie yet?


Answer #1 | 24/05 2010 14:33
Lmao good point =P
Answer #2 | 24/05 2010 14:34
Ernie lives on Sesame Street. There's no way to get there unless he teleports you there. EDIT: There's no way to kill me Blip. I'm protected by my pimp powers. *turns them on you*
Answer #3 | 24/05 2010 14:34
Thank you. *kills Ernie* [edit] *kills 123*
Answer #4 | 24/05 2010 14:34
Because she secretly likes him. I think we should hook them up together. :D
Answer #5 | 24/05 2010 14:35
Maybe her killing spree is over.... but we shouldn't aim too high for that girl. edit: *Fights and kills Bert* I'm sorry!
Answer #6 | 24/05 2010 18:51
*finds Ernie's dead body* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The man I shared the same bed with for 40 years is dead!!!! *takes out light saber* You will pay for this Blip! You will pay! *charges after Blip*
Answer #7 | 24/05 2010 14:39
*hugs Blip for getting rid of ernie*

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