Better place to live: Los Angeles or New York?

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  • Better place to live: Los Angeles or New York?


Answer #1 | 25/11 2013 10:48
LA -- more affordable. But you'll most likely need a car. You can be without one in NYC.
Answer #2 | 25/11 2013 12:21
If I was young and single I'd choose NY, it really depends on your personal preference. Both have lots to offer, but very different. Impossible to answer this question without knowing details about the individual person considering each place as a living option. Some people hate snow, then I'd tell that person to go to LA. Some people love arts and museums and theater, I'd tell that person NY.
Answer #3 | 25/11 2013 12:32
LA ..all day.
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Answer #6 | 25/11 2013 11:03
They're both so different, aesthetically and just the overall vibe. They're both amazing for single/young people, but rent is SLIGHTLY cheaper in Los Angeles. Though the rest of the rent needs to be used on a car, though the bus can take you into even different cities, it's not always the most "comfortable". I love New York, love LA. Though, they're both very different. BUT, if you want the aesthetics of New York, you could try living in Downtown LA (lots of artists, musicians, lofts, etc.) LA kind of is a mixture of every major city. I think it should really come down to you for your financial situation, but again, they're both amazing in all ways, especially when it comes to singles.
Answer #7 | 25/11 2013 11:08
Los Angeles..
Answer #8 | 25/11 2013 13:13
In El Lay, the smog will kill you. In New York, a gang member will kill you. Six of one, half dozen of the other.
Answer #9 | 25/11 2013 13:15
Two entirely different lifestyles. I've lived in both and personally I like NYC better.
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Answer #11 | 26/11 2013 04:47
LA is better but NY has some great history there.. but LA is where it's at and believe me it's all true.
Answer #12 | 25/11 2013 18:32
Neither. Europe is where it's at!
Answer #13 | 25/11 2013 16:48
Theyre both good places to live in EXCEPT they both have a lot of traffic. But Im sure Los Angeles isnt that bad when you know your streets :)
Answer #14 | 25/11 2013 13:18
I would be sooo torn between these two. I would choose LA, but they filmed Friends in NY. I'm so obsessed with that show. Eventually LA, though.
Answer #15 | 25/11 2013 15:28
New York! It's so easy to get around, you have all the great shops and restaurants you could ever ask for, tons of things to do and see, and walk for miles and miles all over the city.
Answer #16 | 25/11 2013 16:26
im a summing you mean NYC.. I Love New York! its where I'm from so I'm partial to it. But here are the facts. You can live your whole life without a license or the need to drive in NYC but in LA a car is a must. It also depends on where in NYC or LA. LA can be more expensive but so can upper eat side.

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