Best way to get toned?

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  • Best way to get toned?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 19:13
The jiggly bits are fat. the toned bits are muscle. You can't turn fat into muscle you have to lose it by dieting and aerobic exercise. You can tone and build muscle with weight bearing exercises.
Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 19:27
You should definitely lift weights. It won't necessarily make you bigger. You are a female and I am probably sure you are not eating a tonne of food in order to get huge and bulk up. So, do not worry about that. Weights and ab work will definitely help get you toned. HIIT is great if you are already used to traditional cardio. If you aren't, you should start with traditional cardio first(70-80% of your max heart rate for around 30-40 minutes). Once you're used to that(for a few months) you can try HIT training(sprinting, etc) in replacement of traditional cardio. Insanity w/ Shawn T is good. But, I recommend that in addition to some weight training. But, don't start 'insanity' before you have done enough traditional cardio. I think it's meant for people who are used to doing regular cardio(at least for a couple of months). For me, personally, the first month of 'insanity' was very difficult. The second month was too insane and I was probably burning some muscle off, so I stopped. Do what I said but listen to your body and adjust what you're doing according to your results. Hope that helped.
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