best surround sound speakers for under 1000?

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  • best surround sound speakers for under 1000?


Answer #1 | 21/12 2013 17:34
Your best off staying with all the speakers from the same brand and model. Different makes have different specs and tonal quality that may make it difficult to balance in your room. I would recommend looking at Monitor Audio, on the used market the older Rs series may be obtainable at or close to that price point.
Answer #2 | 21/12 2013 18:25
When it comes to speaker, it is always good to demo them first with your own source of material at your local retail store. The front left and right and center should all match with the same type of drivers. The back and side speakers are only used for sound effects and are not critical to match the front three speaker. It would be good if they all came from the same brand. Here are some name brand to lood at: Definitive Technology, Energy, JBL, Infinity, Klipsch, Martin Logan and Polk Audio. They are mainly speaker manufacturer. Let your own ears be the final judge. Hope this will help you out.
Answer #3 | 21/12 2013 20:08
Well, if you're looking at upgrading, I would suggest that going to a better receiver would help you out, as a part of the process. On that point, a good deal right now would be the Yahaha 573 receiver for $350 at Newegg. That's 42% off. Now, on speakers, no, your best bet is to go all the same brand, and the same level of the brand, as then you will get a properly consistent sound from all of your speakers. Polk's worst speaker is still better than Onkyo's best one. Now, as to a new set. Newegg has some nice deals on Polk speakers going on right now, that run until XMas Day, so to get these, you'd have to hurry some. In floorstanding speakers, they have the new Monitor 75T going for $210 each, the 65Ts for $180 and the 55Ts for $150. That's each, so a pair would be two. Then, in bookshelf speakers, your likely choice for the mid and rear pairs of speakers, choices include the 45Ts for $160 a pair, and 35Ts for $130 a pair. Center speaker choices include the 15C for $100, and 25C for $150, plus the CS2 for $100. Plus a PSW10 sub for $100, and some slightly older models going for great deals, as well. You should also work out which finish you want, as they have black and wood finish, but not both in all of the models. So, going just with the above list, you could get a pair of 65Ts for $360, two pairs of 45Ts for $320, a CS2 for $100, and a PSW10 for $100, and your total cost would be $880. Which would blow the older Onkyo set away.
Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 08:42
The best way to get smooth transitions is to use the same speaker brand all the way around....You could take a look at The Aperion 4B harmony system also the Energy Connoisseur series CF 30 for fronts and CB 10's for rear and CC 10 for center channel another system to look into might be the Boston Acoustics A series....a nice affordable Sub-woofer would be the BIC formula F-12....

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