best place to buy bunkbeds?

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  • best place to buy bunkbeds?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 08:59
If you are near where Amish live you could call some of their furniture shops. I live in SE PA and the Amish have lots of furniture shops. Other than that I recommend checking the websites for Sears, Penneys, Kmart, Walmart. If you see one you like, call the store and ask them if you can see it in the store. Unfortunately, some large items like this may be sold online only. You may save money by buying an unfinished (un-stained, unpainted) one though you would have to add the mattresses. Search the Yellow Pages for Furniture...Unfinished If you are looking for a used one, search the local yellow pages for Furniture... Used and call some of those - ask if they have any bunkbeds. And BTW the bed you pictured is both a bunk and trundle bed. A normal bunk bed just has the top and bottom raised beds. That slide-out addition is a trundle.

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