Best colleges in NYC based off of location?

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  • Best colleges in NYC based off of location?


Answer #1 | 09/12 2013 10:40
NYC isn't that big. Any college in that city is going to be near what you want and if it isn't it's just a short subway ride away. Plus you don't choose a school based on it being in a "hip" part of town or being near stores. You base your college decision on the major you want to study, the cost of the school and your ability to get accepted. P.S. - Both NYU and Columbia (both in NYC) are the two most expensive colleges to attend in the entire USA.
Answer #2 | 09/12 2013 12:37
all of them, is NEW YORK, anything you will like to see is here, but if you only do it for the VIBE save the money and go somewhere close where you live
Answer #3 | 09/12 2013 14:07
I love NYU
Answer #4 | 09/12 2013 15:54
Hofstra University!
Answer #5 | 10/12 2013 00:14
NYU is in the middle of the hippest neighborhoods.
Answer #6 | 09/12 2013 16:21
Columbia is the best university in New York. But I would say NYU is in a better location. It's right in the heart of Greenwich Village.

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