Best buffet in Chinatown?

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  • Best buffet in Chinatown?


Answer #1 | 09/10 2012 10:38
Which Chinatown? The one in California? or is there one in the London area? Please be more specific. Panda Express has really great tasting Chinese...
Answer #2 | 09/10 2012 10:54
THERE IS ALWAYS..............The Plum Tree, but I prefer Ocean Seafood in nearby Monterey Park. Don't wanna diss the other poster but Panda Express is not so much a restaurant as a take away with some tables. NO atmosphere & the food is pedestrian, at best. Outside of China, Monterey Park & the San Gabriel Valley is the culinary epicenter of Chinese cooking these days. Do some googling to read reviews of numerous restaurants of quality. But be aware....many restaurants with good food do not necessarily have exceptional atmosphere.

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