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Anonymous465832 | 06/08 2017 23:20
People with the same socialist/communist political agenda ( those on this planet whose monetary values exceed the trillions and billions )dislike freedom and want to eradicate freedom. Do not be fooled.
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Anonymous130299 | 06/08 2017 23:28
No, he cannot. He is no god /deity at all.
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Anonymous607797 | 07/08 2017 03:11
B. O. Will never save anything. He is no god .
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Anonymous105898 | 06/08 2017 22:29
BE democrat political garbage. Obama is only a political human man, seeking undeserved power, nothing more, nothing less.
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Answer #5 | 05/06 2017 16:37
Are you asking if he will save us water pistols? He probably won't.
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Anonymous790525 | 29/07 2017 02:58
No he won't , and when either Iran or North Korea hits the USA with a nuclear weapon , May you and your family go last, horribly. Obama is just a man, apparently homosexual. He is no god at all. He cannot save anyone from anything. Do you think ever, before you speak
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Anonymous3475242 | 31/03 2018 08:49
From Islam ? From communism ? From Hillary ? Seems highly doubtful ! Since he obviously loves these highly destructive ideologies , he cannot ever save anyone. He isn't GOD, he is just another wannabe, perhaps like Hillary ? Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Answer #8 | 05/06 2017 16:47
He will not save USA,but some of the Donald trump policyis help america than Barack Obama. Because American people will get more jobs and other countries people will not migrate(brain drain problem facing by india).
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Answer #9 | 05/06 2017 16:36
I don't need saving.
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Anonymous743512 | 01/04 2018 22:01
Mr and Mr Obama will never save anyone. They are mere humans like all of us , they've proved it publicly , just like and including you. Let's wait for God to save us .
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Anonymous311373 | 01/04 2018 22:18
Explain exactly using factual infor
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Anonymous736111 | 27/05 2018 08:55
His former pastor , an adulterer , of the TUCC says Obama is a muslim who needed to blend . Past videos of Obama prove he is a communist , by his own words . Communists have no God . Obama cannot save anyone , not even himself . Soros says Soros is god , but that cannot make him god. Farrakhan can say Obama is savior, but that does not make Obama a savior of anyone or anything , not even himself or you.
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Anonymous527184 | 29/09 2018 14:34
No. No he wont. His entire policy was to set up for the final situation that leads to our complete slavery. All the "good" things he did were actually opening windows to a plot that has been slowly creeping around us since before Hoover put chickens in my pot and a car in my garage. Government over reach has always been and always will be "for our own good". Big brother will take care of us.
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