Bad experience with epiduo HELP PLEASE?

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  • Bad experience with epiduo HELP PLEASE?


Answer #1 | 01/01 2014 22:06
First of all, I have to agree. What you are going through is a common side effect for people who use Epiduo. I have been an Epiduo user for about four months now, and the first five days I experienced peeling and I hid my face most of the day. I asked my derm, and she suggested three things. 1) Get a good moisturizer. I actually also used an Oil-Free moisturizer, and that burned my skin after the epiduo. The ONLY moisturizer that has actually worked for me was a brand called Aquaphor. It's not like most moisturizers, it kinda looks like Vaseline. But it REALLY does the trick for me. You can find it at Walgreens. I put it on at night and I saw the dryness reduce by about 90% the next day. My friend also uses Epiduo, and Aquaphor works for her as well. :) 2) Put the Epiduo on AFTER the moisturizer. It will kill your skin if you put it on without any moisturizer. Trust me. 3) Put less on your face! The first day, I put it on my T-zone and all of over my cheeks and forehead. That was the mistake. You want to use as little as possible. Good luck!
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