B.COM or BCA which course is best to find job in delhi ncr?

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  • B.COM or BCA which course is best to find job in delhi ncr?


Answer #1 | 26/08 2013 03:11
BCA has its value when you complete it with MCA. However B.Com opens your prospects for various bank jobs and jobs in education field.
Answer #2 | 26/08 2013 03:11
In my opinion BCA is best. You can find lots of jobs after pursuing BCA. BEst of luck
Answer #3 | 26/08 2013 04:27
Both are best if you have deep knowledge in any of them. It all depends how much you're comfortable while doing any task related to these two different area and how much you've in depth knowledge in any one of these two. But finally it should be decided by you that what is the area of interest which most suits you. If you feel more interest to do any finance related job, you should go for B.Com ahead and if you feel more interest while doing any technical job, you must choose for BCA out of these two. So my advice will be that you should must understand first and be clear about of the area of your interest which one have more out of these two. Never try to imitate or follow others just after seeing that he/she is doing very well in their area of working. Don't even bother about what others are advising you to do. Just fell for that where area of interest lies out of these two or any more areas. Off course there is more freedom for a B.Com. student as B.Com. is considered as a general graduation degree qualification in contrast to BCA which is mostly considered as a Professional or Technical graduation degree qualification who are most suitable for a computer world job. So be clear about future concern for both area by searching more and more either via Internet or via individuals.
Answer #4 | 26/08 2013 21:45
Job is very difficult to find in delhi ncr degree doesnt matter

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