B&B: Can someone fill me in on what was going on with Ridge before he left the show (Ronn Moss last scenes)?

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  • B&B: Can someone fill me in on what was going on with Ridge before he left the show (Ronn Moss last scenes)?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 23:52
Ridge and Brooke got married and went to Europe on their honeymoon. While there Brooke lied to Ridge about being in contact with Hope's father. Ridge had a fit about being lied to and ran off to Paris without her saying that they were over. But really Ron Moss wanted to be off the show to pursue other things like music, and his family. It was just all of a sudden and he was gone! Now we have a new Ridge, that doesn't even fit the role at all.. IMO
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 00:16
Deacon had showed up for Hope and Liam's wedding in Italy but left the show immediately afterward. He wasn't even there for the actual wedding. Everyone came home from Italy. Then later, Brooke and Ridge married at the Forrester house, left for their honeymoon(I think it was a cruise to an island but not sure) and apparently while on their honeymoon Brooke and Deacon had texted back and forth a bit. Ridge saw the texts and asked her if she was still communicating with him and she lied and said no. All of that happened off camera by the way, we never saw any of it, we only saw the wedding but Brooke explained it all to her sister Katie that way when she came back from the honeymoon alone.
Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 07:43
This all happen in Paris, Hope and Liam were to get married in Paris and then Ridge purpose to Brooke there too. Deacon was only there for a short time, since Bill hired him to break up Hope and Liam wedding. As for Brooke and Ridge, Ridge told her NO MORE LIES or Secrets, so what did Brooke do? she gotten a text message from Deacon and it made Ridge very mad and he went into hiding. So Brooke came home without him. Ronn Moss left the show on his own after he was in a auto accident he said he saw the light and wanted to spend more time with his family and other projects. Give this new guy (Ridge) a chance, I think he is better looking then Ronn Moss..Ronn used to be a very handsome man like Eric was when he was younger but he has gotten so so that I couldn't stand the look of him and he kept wearing that purple scarf around his neck to hide his surgery he had dues to a throat surgery he had. His acting just wasn't good anymore.

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