automatic or manual transmission?

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  • automatic or manual transmission?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 23:13
Manual for sure. It meets all of your needs. Except you consider it harder to drive. But it is cheaper to maintain and repair.
Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 00:36
How could you even ask that?!? Thats a no brainer Answer: MANUAL!!!!!!!!!
Answer #3 | 29/12 2013 00:08
An automatic needs the fluid level checked maybe every 3-5 tanks of gas and a fluid flush and change around the 100,000 mile mark. There is no other maintenance. It should last 175,000 to 225,000 miles with no serious issues unless you abuse it. As an engineer I consider manual transmissions to be obsolete. The car should do for itself anything that is possibly can.
Answer #4 | 28/12 2013 23:31
no dout manual transrmission has low maintanence but pleasure of driving a auto transmission pleasure is a different thing. It depends which car u want to drive and i have experienced in 32yrs american cars are the best, comfortable and low maintanence american auto transmission is the best in the world as far as my experience is concerned
Answer #5 | 29/12 2013 00:39
I don't usually reference other answers, but chuckles and riyaz are not real drivers, and by this i mean people that enjoy the drive itself. I love cars, I drive them, I break them, I fix them, I modify them, and I get on here to answer people's questions about them. The answer you are looking for can only come from you. If you don't enjoy driving a manual, then get an auto. I can drive an auto, but I hate them, and the only auto I own is an ATV (however, I just bought a manual ATV so my wife can ride the auto one). But, neither of my vehicle's cruise control works either. I could fix them, if I wanted to, but I believe the driver should be in control of the car. But, to answer your maint referenced question; The auto will require frequent fluid checks, about once a month. Will require fluid and filter changes, reference your owner's manual. and If it breaks down, will cost 2 times as much to replace as a manual... minimum. A manual will require fluid checks as well, but are much further apart, maybe yearly, check owners manual. Will require clutch checks and clutch fluid checks as well, maybe once a year. At some point the clutch will wear out, and require replacement, this depends on how hard its been driven, think brake wear... it is kind of similar regarding the use of a friction material against metal. If the manual breaks, they are much cheaper to replace, and less likely to get a damaged one if going the salvage part route.
Answer #6 | 29/12 2013 01:05
That depends on what you buy. I've driven five vehicles as daily drivers. My 69 VW Beetle liked to jump out of gear a lot. So, manual trans aren't bulletproof. 93 Isuzu Pickup, pretty solid 5-speed. 94 Ford, iffy. I think the slave cylinder leaked a bit, which made the clutch engage pretty late. Also, the shifter came out in my hand one time. had to rebuild it. Stuff wears out. Period. I've now got two F150s with auto trans. No complaints whatsoever. No broken clutch cables, no busted shifters to rebuild, no leaking slave cylinders. Nada. The F150s are better in traffic that way. Much better to tow with, too. The 5-speeds in the F150s are weaksauce. So, it is a toss up as to which can give you less problems.
Answer #7 | 29/12 2013 08:18
It depends on the transmission and how you drive it. If you drive it perfectly, then a manual transmission will always be cheaper, but if you grind gears all the time then you'll be repairing it more often. As for the automatic, it depends on what brand and such. Some newer automatics are actually pretty nice(and this coming from a guy that will only buy manual cars). Some newer cars now come with sealed transmissions, meaning you don't ever check fluid and shouldn't have to change it. Some cars are even faster with new automatic transmissions now(usually a good driver in a manual trans would always be faster than the auto of the same setup because there's more drivetrain loss in an auto). Overall though, I would say a manual transmission. Maintenance and problems can be about the same, but if something does go really wrong an automatic transmission is more expensive than a manual(brand new most cars are roughly $1,500 more for the automatic, all else equal). Plus it's just more fun to drive manual.
Answer #8 | 29/12 2013 06:49
Maintenance on either transmission is about the same. You change the fluid occasionally. Automatics are more expensive to rebuild and tend to need to be rebuilt a bit sooner than most manuals. The normal repair to a manual is the clutch. It's a lot easier to abuse a manual clutch than an automatic clutch system. Both are designed to go 100,000 to 150,000 miles easily in modern cars, so I wouldn't worry about it at all if you are buying a new car.
Answer #9 | 29/12 2013 03:54
Wake up people, the manual transmission is on the way out.. Many of you say that you love car and you are the "Real" drivers. What ever that definition might be.. You'll need to do more reading and researching for your knowledge about the transmission type and the trend toward the future, let alone the "Technologies" of it. Transmission does not make you a real driver nor the engine nor the "Racing" machine you have..There are so many version of the transmission available right now, and we are as professional having a hard time to keep up with the training and repairing. Most of us will buy a vehicle that we want and what ever available option come with it. So ion ago when I was young, manual transmission was the only thing available.. Look at it now: There is 5,6,7,8 speeds; even a 10 speed Dual clutch is designed by Volkswagen with an extremely wide gear ratio spread of 10:1 and CVT, DCT, DSG, PDK (From Porsche) and so on.. Don't know what I am talking about? Then get online and find out if I have B.S you. One of these days in the near future, when you're going to buy a car and the only thing available is a ten speed "Wet" dual clutch transmission then what? I'm too old for this.. What that transmission is on the way out right now and most of us has not have a chance to drive it yet....tsk tsk. a: The Tiptronic will be replaced by the new PDK...

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