AT4 vs SMAW vs javalin vs carl gustav anti tank rifle which one is the best anti tank weapon?

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  • AT4 vs SMAW vs javalin vs carl gustav anti tank rifle which one is the best anti tank weapon?


Answer #1 | 24/01 2017 17:43
Of the listed ones, the Javelin is by far the best. The other three are only suitable against light armored vehicles. They would just annoy a tank.
Answer #2 | 24/01 2017 20:12
The Javelin. It's not even close.
Answer #3 | 25/01 2017 09:28
At4 an smaw have the same range an can fire more powerful payloads than the carl-g but the carl-g has a farther an faster firing speed than the at4 smaw an javelin the javelin offers a more precise and powerful payload than all of them an can lock onto its targets but it has a unique range an firing method that limits it targets to being closer than the at4 an smaw it all really depends on what is required for the mission to truly determine which is better for the situation at4 cheaper to make an provide to multiple troops as a cary on but only usable once javelin hard hitter with lock on precision accuracy with heavy payload smaw and carl-g are yin and yang of artillery both have multiple warheads for diffrent situations but one has more power than the other while the carl-g has a more accurate fast round so carl-g an smaw cover most situations

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