Are there sharks on the gold coast beaches?

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  • Are there sharks on the gold coast beaches?


Answer #1 | 03/12 2013 05:08
Yes, many.
Answer #2 | 03/12 2013 07:17
There are sharks near all beaches and in any body of water connected to the ocean. 2 out 3 times your in the water a shark sences you. Good news though sharks are not really interested in you, your not part of their food chain. Millions of peopke go swimming at beaches every year in Australia but there are only a few bites and even fewer are fatal. You are more likley to be hurt on your way to the beach or get hurt cleaning the bathroom.
Answer #3 | 03/12 2013 06:18
Yeah heh
Answer #4 | 03/12 2013 05:30
Answer #5 | 03/12 2013 08:04
every beach has sharks
Answer #6 | 03/12 2013 12:22
There are no sharks ON the beach. The sharks are in the water waiting for you.
Answer #7 | 04/12 2013 18:28
You mean besides the Personal Injury Lawyers?
Answer #8 | 04/12 2013 16:09
generally not on the beach, but yes, in the water
Answer #9 | 03/12 2013 17:20
For all beaches around Australia there will be sharks nearby so the Gold Coast is no different. However, the Gold Coast beaches do have sharks nets although they do not run continuously from one end of the Coast to the other as there are gaps between each net. So be sensible and swim between the flags where the Gold Council Lifeguards are on duty and in summer Surf Lifesavers are active. PS. For sharks on the beach try Southport Sharks AFL Club.

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