Are road signs in quebec in english as well as french?

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  • Are road signs in quebec in english as well as french?


Answer #1 | 19/09 2011 05:59
Answer #2 | 19/09 2011 06:26
french only..
Answer #3 | 19/09 2011 13:01
Some are not all, in Montreal they are more than in the rural areas
Answer #4 | 19/09 2011 13:16
Most are in French.
Answer #5 | 20/09 2011 05:54
Most road signs are "international". They are pictures instead of words. The road signs in Quebec that have writing on them are only in French. BTW: I'm not sure this is helpful for promoting tourism in Quebec! Or road safety (because of tourists and visiting business people). The The Government of Quebec Driver's Test is available for free online in both French and English. I've also put some links to North American road signs so that you can see what they are called in both French and English (with pictures and audio).
Answer #6 | 19/09 2011 16:40
It is not most as some ppl say it is ALL in French with the minor exception of Federal govt bridges etc... but don't worry they are standard to what you would encounter elsewhere in Canada or in the USA. some believe we should go good faith towards other Canadians granted but as far as I know road signs except for New Brunswick are in English only elsewhere in Canada.

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