Are Philipinoes still eating dogs and cats?

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  • Are Philipinoes still eating dogs and cats?


Answer #1 | 25/02 2010 20:56
i just had some yesterday at kuya Bonjing's house. by the way, your spelling needs work.
Answer #2 | 25/02 2010 22:41
LOL. Your question really made me laugh sorry. Nutritional benefits of dogs? I think since it's meat so protein. The Philippines, like any other country has its own share of exotic dishes. In some parts of the country, yes, dogs and cats and snakes are being eaten but no, it's not a part of the Filipino diet. Most people who do this are mostly highlanders and there are Flipinos like me who haven't had a taste of these but knows that these dishes actually exists. Most Filipino consider it a delicacy to the extent that there are restaurants all over the country that offers only these exotic dishes. If you come and visit, you will find out that Filipinos thrives on rice and viands and most do not eat dogs or cats or snakes. Some even find it repulsive to even think about it. The Philippines is such a wonderful place. You really should come here and see for yourself that our ways are not that far from wherever you grew up.
Answer #3 | 27/02 2010 12:00
its Filipinos. btw, dogs, cats and other exotic animal are eaten because for some Filipinos, most likely the less fortunate one and those who in the rural places, they find them as an alternate source of protein. But few Filipinos do eat dogs and cats, besides it's against the law. Filipino diet is no less different in our neighboring country in south-east asia or maybe yours.
Answer #4 | 28/02 2010 03:27
What place are you going? In the northern part of the Philippines, yes they do eat dogs (I had went into the northern Philippines so I know) and it has been part of the religious sacrifice and it has been a tradition Cats- there is an urban folklore in Manila that said that sio pao ( a type of dumpling) is made from cat's flesh but it perhaps it was true, perhaps it was not Well as most Asian believe, if it looks good, eat it
Answer #5 | 01/03 2010 03:08
its FILIPINOs......... :| and yes resturants are still opened which serve cats and dogs HAHAHHA my grandpa was telling us. they also serve cats in aussie resturants. :S

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