Are Nintendo DS Lites Edible?

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  • Are Nintendo DS Lites Edible?


Answer #1 | 23/06 2011 19:58
No, I bit the top off mine and it didn't taste very good.
Answer #2 | 23/06 2011 19:58
Anything is edible if you chew it hard enuff! Naw, DSis taste way better. Keep the DS Lite and get a 3DS. The 3DS will have all the stuff the DSi has and moar! Plus you'll have the DS Lite for GBA games and such!
Answer #3 | 23/06 2011 20:02
Answer #4 | 23/06 2011 20:09
Yea, but i recomend sauteing them overnight in bbq sauce...
Answer #5 | 24/06 2011 00:04
are you mentally stable if not, consider the following: 1. eat a healthy well balanced diet 2. get some rest, pokemon and mario kart isn't everything 3.GROW UP

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