Are my hands too small to play chopins op.25 no1?

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  • Are my hands too small to play chopins op.25 no1?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 09:08
First off there is no vocalist; it's a piece of music :) This etude was written to open up your hand; make your hand more supple and to make your wrist more supple. Chopin once said all that is required is a supple hand, everything ells will follow in the right order. Remember the index finger is the 'pivot' finger. Good Luck, 'Chopin bade me practise it in the mornings very slowly. 'Cette ├ętude vous fera du bien' (this ├ętude will do you good), he said. 'If you study it as I intended it, it widens the hand and enables you to play runs of wide broken chords, like bow stokes. But often, unfortunately, instead of making people learn all that, it makes people unlearn it.' I am quite aware that it is a general prevalent error, even in our day, that one can play this study well when one possesses a very large hand. But it is not the case, only a supple hand is required.' Stricher/Niecks

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