Are humans already born with their own idea of morality, or do they make their morals?

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  • Are humans already born with their own idea of morality, or do they make their morals?


Answer #1 | 23/07 2014 13:56
Simple nonsense. A baby has no concept of risk or morality. It has primal hungers and responses. Morality must be taught or developed internally as they learn to speak and think. Animals (untaught) have no concept of personal morality only behaviours. Social animals also teach what is "normal" for the group.
Answer #2 | 23/07 2014 13:09
I personally believe both. Our personalities make us believe certain things are moral or not and our personalities are formed by society around us. Some of our personality though is natural.
Answer #3 | 23/07 2014 13:13
Studies at Yale University show that we are born with them.
Answer #4 | 23/07 2014 13:08
Humans are very social creatures our environment is what we learn from. Which is why we adapt very well. Our morals we will learn from our environment sources such as our parents will be the biggest influence or other people, books media and other sources. We also have our own brain which adds a second layer which is our ability to question everything we do which may play a smaller part.
Answer #5 | 23/07 2014 13:07
Morality is the regulations of man's actions set down by God from the beginning of time towards mankind and nature. It comes from the character of God as we were made in His image. It cannot come from man as we are all selfish in nature and cannot know the end of our actions.
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Answer #6 | 23/07 2014 19:43
Morality, as a term, is itself a social construct, a value., No one speaks of dogs or chimps as being "Moral" or "Immoral" They may have "social Behaviors" or "Group Identities" or "Behavior Patterns" so on. The word "moral" connotes conformance to an external standard, like the bible, or koran, or other social standard.
Answer #7 | 24/07 2014 02:33
Natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature — both social and personal — and deduce binding rules of moral behavior from it.
Answer #8 | 23/07 2014 13:07
Morality does seem to be partly innate: But changing views of morality through the centuries can only mean that it's partly affected by your environment as well.

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