Are Audi's cheaper to fix?

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  • Are Audi's cheaper to fix?


Answer #1 | 16/12 2013 18:19
The sales guy is full of it. They are equally as expensive to get fixed as BMWs and Mercedes.
Answer #2 | 16/12 2013 22:40
No, this is not accurate at all. To be fair all of the German brands are expensive but the Audi's tend to be a bit more costly. As you are on a college budget, you really shouldn't be looking at these cars at all. The Subaru is the car you should be in.
Answer #3 | 17/12 2013 03:44
If money and reliability are a concern,then go for the Subaru.
Answer #4 | 17/12 2013 09:27
"As I was driving it with the sales rep., he said that Audi's are among the cheapest luxury brands to fix(with Mercedes and BMW being the most)." ^^ No, you were mistold. All German cars are expensive to maintain. "I'm going to college in Colorado so I thought the quattro might be a big plus but I'm going to be on a "college budget" so I'm looking for something reliable but fun." ^^ If your a college student I suggest you avoid looking at German cars and consider the Subaru Impreza with its AWD. You can step up for a Impreza WRX but its a turbocharged sports car and has high insurance cost. For a college student, German cars are a bad investment because they require a lot of maintenance, their insurance, tax fuel cost is very high as well. You should start off with something that has proven to be reliable, Japanese cars for instance. Subaru with its AWD is a great consideration, even a used Subaru will still be a good investment. Another vehicle option would be Suzuki Kizashi (has AWD).
Answer #5 | 19/12 2013 13:51
To be fair every one of the In german makes are very pricey nevertheless the Audi's are usually much more expensive. For a scholar, In german automobiles can be a undesirable expense simply because call for plenty of repair, their own insurance plan, tax gas expense is extremely large at the same time.

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