Are all of woolworths layouts the same or very similar?

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  • Are all of woolworths layouts the same or very similar?


Answer #1 | 30/07 2013 13:43
Yes, all those big national stores have a standardised lay out. Woolworths & Coles fro example have Fruit and Veg on entry followed by meats and poultry, then aisles fro various grocery items starting with cereals etc and through to cleaning products at the far end. Milk is always place at the back of the store to make it harder for people to get in and out with just one item. The design is cafefully though out to make people buy more. even placement of similar products of shelves if designed to get peoplee to by, it's called the Gruen Transfer
Answer #2 | 31/07 2013 19:17
no, they all totally different and tell your dad that they spell them differently every where.
Answer #3 | 31/07 2013 19:23
as stores get revamped/refurnished they all try to go with the same look/layout but the big bosses change their minds on what design is best so it is changing all the time so in a way you are booth right

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