Are all children inherently socialists until they grow up?

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  • Are all children inherently socialists until they grow up?


Answer #1 | 23/07 2014 10:46
Yeah they are money grubbing mooches.
Answer #2 | 23/07 2014 11:10
No. Political ideologies are formed by something called learning about them.
Answer #3 | 23/07 2014 11:25
I think so
Answer #4 | 23/07 2014 11:37
To a point some are, they are dependent and seek approval for most things.
Answer #5 | 23/07 2014 11:08
When I was a child I worked on farms (picked blueberries many summers), mowed lawns, and threw newspapers to make some money. I never once had to give that money to my father to have it be redistributed to my siblings. Those that worked had money (as little as it was). Those that did not work did not have money. Dad bought us what he was responsible for as a father (food, clothing, shelter) but if we wanted anything else, or wanted something different than that provided, we went out and earned it ourselves.
Answer #6 | 23/07 2014 11:02
Positive: 0 %
Answer #7 | 24/07 2014 01:05
no, even after they grow up. There's nothing logical about making people starve when there's food enough, or paying one person 1000 times as much as another for the same job, unless you worship a god called "the market" (=capitalism)
Answer #8 | 23/07 2014 10:47
Babies are all born without a belief in God until their parents force them to start believing in that Jesus fairy tale. So it works both ways conservatives.
Answer #9 | 23/07 2014 10:59
Normally children do not have the intellectual capacity or patience to contemplate political and fiscal questions. So naturally a system they do favor is one in which benefits them. They see mom and dad giving them everything and think this is how the world works. Eventually it all snaps into place and they become good little capitalists.

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