Applied at Cactus Club?

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  • Applied at Cactus Club?


Answer #1 | 19/07 2013 16:28
If anything, write a letter thanking them for giving you the opportunity to have the interview. Don't read anything into one of the girls jokingly telling the manager to hire you, managers rarely go on other employees recommendations of someone they don't know. I am concerned that three managers interview someone for a hostess position, and the final manager stating there were alot of applicants can be a sign that you may not have the job. Usually you would have an answer in two to three days. When I interviewed, if I found someone I thought would be good, I did not interview more people. I suggest you apply to as many locations as possible and not keep you hopes on one or two
Answer #2 | 22/07 2013 19:35
Try a dating site? Or just don't be pressured by your friends. The right girl will come eventually
Answer #3 | 22/07 2013 23:11
Just Google it, there's bound to be accurate info
Answer #4 | 22/07 2013 20:56
You are such a le douche it's remarkable.
Answer #5 | 22/07 2013 23:10
Mate I hope that profile pic ain't you, because if it is then...well let's just say finding a girlfriend, especially in such a short time, will not be a piece of cake.
Answer #6 | 22/07 2013 19:35
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Answer #7 | 26/07 2013 14:10
Try online dating sites to find that special someone like eHarmony, Christian Mingle, okcupid Good luck:D
Answer #8 | 25/07 2013 17:14
Umm........ you do you know that this is the food section, not dating?

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