Anyone know where to buy heath bars in Minas Gerais Brasil???

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  • Anyone know where to buy heath bars in Minas Gerais Brasil???


Answer #1 | 19/05 2007 19:20
Send me 500 USD, and I will mail you 250 USD worth of Heath Bars.
Answer #2 | 21/05 2007 17:30
oh man its hard to find american food in brazil, your in brazil!! enjoy the stuff they have here that doesnt exist in US. Like for example bubalu or watever its a type of gum try it its not that bad... i moved to Sao Paulo last year and the only thing i miss is my family and root beer... well anyways good luck trying to find reeses and other stuff and dont send money or anything to the other guy... but if ur that desperate try going to Sao Paulo sometime u can find almost anything there... check out their wal*mart
Answer #3 | 21/05 2007 17:59
My gosh!! Man you have to try yummy BRAZILIAN CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! It is soooo good!! Or...any store you go there are hundreds of american chocolate!!!!!!! It is not common to find "health bars" everywhere there because our food is usually health... but if you really really want a "health" bar go to a gym, or anywhere where people work out you will find lots of "health bars" made with nuts, or something like that!!! If you like cheese you can find lots of health cheese in Minas Gerais, since it is the #1 cheese state producer in Brazil!!! Fresh cheese you can for sure find there! Good Luck And also try to enjoy our food! It is very good and healthy!!!!!!!!
Answer #4 | 21/05 2007 18:01
The question sounds so ridiculous, whenever I travel I like to try local stuff. Check in the Net "acai" they have the real thing, it is a fruit from Amazon that is delicious and healthy. I would try that for a change. If you cannot live without a chocolate bar don't worry, you will find similar and even tasting better. At least I did.
Answer #5 | 22/05 2007 08:23
Enjoy your Stay. I heard its GREAT

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