Anyone have a good story ideas?

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  • Anyone have a good story ideas?


Answer #1 | 06/01 2014 07:05
Moving away from friends & school, which has both it's pros & cons - discovering a new neighbourhood and people. Getting a letter or phone call that changes everything - re: genealogy, inheritance, health, legal issues, etc. Life ongoing afterwards. Supernatural phenomenon, as plain as the nose on your face but no more believable - met with incredulity and then instant dismissal, losing friends fast from being deemed a fantasist - portents the moment when it happens again and others witness it...., which it does, but fame isn't much of a relief - and it took up all the subject's youth, maturing just to be a viral YouTube hit. etc.
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Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 12:39
If you have your own ideas, you share them with me first. Then I'll tell you mine.
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