Any ideas for a 2 year anniversary date in chicago?

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  • Any ideas for a 2 year anniversary date in chicago?


Answer #1 | 02/11 2013 17:12
Congratulations! Ok, so ways to be more romantic are to remember a few of her favorite things and/or things from the first time you met, or other milestones from the relationship. For instance, what were you wearing the first time you met or on your first date? Wear that outfit or play that song which was playing or take her to the first restaurant you too experienced your first meal. Being romantic is not so much about roses; but, remembering those things that made her feel special an purposely giving her those things to make her feel special in a new moment. What does she like vs love? Do you remember the last time she laughed the laugh that you love so much? Write her a little note, telling her how special she is and how she makes you feel Don't forget, romantic moments can also be unplanned; such as sending her a single flower to her job in a large vase, then coordinating with her friends to give her flowers throughout the day...being thoughtful, putting her needs first, are signs of being romantic. Rubbing her feat after work or giving her the night off from cooking dinner...even smaller ways to be romantic are to just watch her and wait for her to just blush, completely focusing all of your attention on her. Painting her nails and if you mess it up, LOL paying for her to have them professionally done...with enough practice, you will be a pro in no time. Good Luck!
Answer #2 | 02/11 2013 21:16
Yes, any where your lady would like to go. And Congrats. But once again. Let her choose the place.
Answer #3 | 02/11 2013 19:19
congrats. Dont go too over the top, because if you plan to spend your life together, you have to keep things building up. Find a nice quiet restaurant with soft music and a romantic glow to it. Tell her how much you care for her, and let her choose anything she wants in the menu, and even ask her to dance. Take her on a stroll through a nice part of town, or take a drive to the country and gaze at the stars together... just have fun being together and knowing that you have both made it to this cornerstone in your lives. Gifts shouldnt be too over the top, listen to her for a little while, find something you know she likes and listen for her hints. Get something you know she will like, even if you dont. Keep things wonderful, but simple. The time for the outrageous purchases and things should be saved until you decide you want to spend your entire life together ^~^ But ofcourse worst comes to worst you should just buy her a fluffy hedge hog....
Answer #4 | 02/11 2013 21:18
how about Jamaica or! any place that she likes and you can afford
Answer #5 | 02/11 2013 22:38
Tell her how you feel and how happy your life has been. Wouldn't hurt to add a charm bracelet to indulge in the memories of you too.
Answer #6 | 04/11 2013 06:53
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Answer #8 | 03/11 2013 15:35
Congratulations! First of all i have an idea. maybe as a fun little game you could pick out a place you first took her out. after you have decided that before she wakes up on that date, place the first thing you wore on that date next to her bed with a riddle note to give her the hint of where you first met, afterwards, place another not near that same location, and yep you guessed it. do it over and over again. Find places where you met and use stuff that you've used, then when she gets to the place that you took her out first the game ends. Hopefully she's not too busy that day.

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