Antipasti,Primi, Secondi.What is the proper etiquette?

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  • Antipasti,Primi, Secondi.What is the proper etiquette?


Answer #1 | 18/05 2013 06:19
a full course is composed by: Antipasto (the appetizer) Primo (first course) Secondo (main course) Dessert ...then eventually coffee and or a liqueur you can skip what you want... it depend on the amount of food you want/are served ...if the portions are really big in italy often we only take the first course or a appetizer and a main course... the dessert ..there is always a little place for a dessert ^_^
Answer #2 | 19/05 2013 00:28
In USA you have a big dish called "main dish". In Italy the meal is composed by Antipasti, Primo, Secondo, Dolce (dessert), Frutta (fruit), Caffè, Ammazzacaffè (liquor). Portions are smaller and food is way less fat, so you can eat everything if you are hungry. Anyway in everyday life you usually eat only a Primo (pasta, risotto or soup) which is mainly vegetarian (except sometimes for ragù -you call it "bolognese" sauce- or seafood) or only a Secondo (main dish) followed by Dolce and Frutta. And, obviously, a good Espresso!

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