Amp logo lights up. but power/protect light does not?

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  • Amp logo lights up. but power/protect light does not?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 00:12
Hi Pablo i would guess that when the power is being drawn by the amplifier there is not enough current so the voltage drops below the reshold voltage that the amplifier would work at . so this amplifier has to deliver 2400 watts even the most effiecent amplifier would require twice the power the amplifier is rated at to deliver. so as most cars use a 12volt system the current needs to be at least 2000 amps even for the older amplifier.if using this new one at least 4000 amps so. buddy what do you expect from any one battery it sounds like you need about two huge lorry batteries at the very least and one huge great generator to keep it pumping out enough energy so it will not work without the engine running at least at 3000 rpm.
Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 05:32
Your wiring your Amplifier to an ohm's load the charging system can't handle,use (RF TECH WOOFER WIRING WIZARD) to wire your Amplifier and Sub's to an ohm's load they can handle Google it.,id go to any auto part's store and have them test the Alternator, it's free,if it's ok then you need to put a higher output alternator or maybe a second smaller battery closer to the Amplifier itself. That Amp is a big draw on any charging system,look into the (big three upgrade) on Youtube,a video is worth a thousand word's External Amplifier's for sure the monster your running take's a lot of power from the charging system.

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