Am I okay (period problems)?

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  • Am I okay (period problems)?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 21:59
I am younger than you but I have had many many many period problems and we seem to have some in common haha. Number one is periods are 28 days apart and they come early sometimes so don't be worried about that. Whenever I get my period I will experience itching and redness but that is simply because your lady parts are lacking oxygen. Yes I know that may sound weird but sit on your floor or bed in your room without underwear on and with your legs spread out. After about a half hour I start to feel better. Keep in mind-the more you itch the scratch, the more the scratch will itch-so that's all I can really tell you about that but I hope that helps with some problems(: oh and with cramps and nausea and all those other symptoms, they are the same as mine. The more periods you have the less painful they are because I guess your body gets used to it! I know my first few were extremely painful but it only gets easier from here!
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Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 21:57
16 is not late, everyone goes at their own pace! Okay so let's take it step by step. If your cramps are that bad, I recommend seeking a doctors advice because it's not necesary. There are lots of pills to help that! Was the discharge thick like cottage cheese? Some discharge is normal but the amount you described seems a little unusual. I'm thinking minor infection, nothing major, if anything at all. For the not being a month part, irregular periods are normal to start! I used to not have a clue when my period was coming! Brown discharge is fine but I'm concerned about the black mucus. I dont know how you define mucus, but I'm imagining something that couldn't be blood and needs to be examined. I've had dark blood that was almost black, but not mucus. I'm not saying black is a death wish, it's really not. I'm thinking you may have endometriosis (not a big deal), based on the pain you described. Fainting is not good! That could be from a loss of blood, meaning anemia from your period (happened to my friend) which is a quick fix but needs to be handled rather soon. I'm not trying to freak you out but the black mucus has me concerned about infection. However from all that you described I'm really thinking it's endometriosis which isn't an emergency, but annoying to live with without treatment. Try to go to your doctor ASAP, but don't freak yourself out if it takes a week or two. I hope you feel better and good luck!
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