Alone with Dad, advice please!?

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  • Alone with Dad, advice please!?


Answer #1 | 16/12 2013 08:16
Ask him!
Answer #2 | 16/12 2013 09:04
It could also just be a thing of not enough money at that point in time. Just tell him 'Hey... You took my sister out to dinner before, don't I deserve the same?' I guess that is expected from teenagers, just keep it respectful
Answer #3 | 16/12 2013 08:21
Simply ask him.
Answer #4 | 16/12 2013 08:20
Unfortunately you are not the favourite my dear!
Answer #5 | 16/12 2013 08:18
Maybe your dad likes your sister more than you?
Answer #6 | 16/12 2013 09:12
You can ask him if it's alright for you two to have a quality time together, if you know his favorite movie, that's so much better. You can ask him to watch his favorite movie with you. In that way, you can do him a favor by coming up with a brilliant idea of ordering a pizza so that you two could enjoy your alone time together. If not, ask your mom to tell your dad to order a pizza. Just give 'em the good old guilt card. Tell them that you also want to do something while your sister is at the concert with your mom. It often works.
Answer #7 | 16/12 2013 09:36
Answer #8 | 16/12 2013 22:10
Take him out for a bowling game.
Answer #9 | 16/12 2013 15:03
Maybe ask him if he has plans for dinner? Also tell him that you're hungry. And if not mention that you don't really know how to cook and could you guys order something like a pizza?
Answer #10 | 16/12 2013 14:08
Ask him very nicely, and if he saids no ask him why did he do this for your sister, and not you.
Answer #11 | 16/12 2013 11:20
i know that you would like fast answers, but most of the people that respond to answers here on yahoo never really get rated..oh well ask him, find out his interests, talk to him, or dun dun dunnnnnnn play a board game. dont have one? ask him to go with you and buy one so you can spend quality time together. im 24, but im really old school. kids these days really dont care about parents. show your dad you're not like the kids of today =)

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