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  • Alfa Romeo 156 opinions?


Answer #1 | 21/06 2013 06:16
I've still got one...can't bear to part with it tbh. From memory the trim levels are: Turismo - Basic, Lusso - Which was the luxury and had wood (effect) steering wheel and centre controls, leather, Veloce - Top spec but more sporty feel, Leather, Carbon effect dash, possibly bigger teledial wheels. You then had different sport packs as well. Absolutely none of this is written clearly on the car anywhere that I'm aware of :s Anyway, mines had a new clutch, and new waterpump, new wishbones, two new batteries and apart from normal servicing...that's it in 14yrs. It caught Alfa-itis once and sporadically wouldn't start but this was found to be a cranksensor which had gunked up so a £0 fix. It's been a lot more reliable for me than the VW's and BMWs I've had so I can't complain and wouldn't say it's 'unreliable'. My advice, if you can afford the fuel, is pick up a V6. Ohhhh that sound above 3,500rpm is magical...and that's why I won't part with it :)
Answer #2 | 21/06 2013 09:36
oh well if you don't mind dodgy italian electrics then but they really do have some problems.

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