After how much time android will become lag free is like ios?

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  • After how much time android will become lag free is like ios?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 06:25
If you are talking about your device, it will get only worse. But in general, Android is getting better with every update. For example, Android 4.4 is optimized for low memory devices. If you are being sarcastic, then the answer us never. Android is based on Linux. Memory management is in such a way that the RAM is always used as much as possible. So how much ever power you give it, it will still not br enough.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 06:47
first off, iOS lags too. Second, take everything you think you know about android and thow it out the window. I'm going to school you a little bit here. Android operates differently than iOS does. iOS puts the GUI (graphical user interface...basically anything you see) ahead of EVERYTHING else. for instance, if you are in the browser, and you are loading a page....if you start zooming, or scrolling, iOS stops the page loading, finishes the scrolling or zooming, then continues to load. Android does everything all at the same time. take the android you are using...its probably a Samsung galaxy phone...LOADED to the brim with extra features and software...all of which take extra resources to power. if you take a Nexus phone (top end specs, with Stock android...nothing slowing it down) you get a VERY smooth interface. My Nexus 5 surprises my iPhone friends because they all think Android is not smooth and is just a lag fest....not so much...this is every bit as smooth as an iPhone 5s. also, keep in mind that iOS is optimized for a couple different phones.....where android has to work on THOUSANDS of devices.....its just not possible to get it optimized to the hardware since there are soo many different variations out there. Also, keep in mind that android is getting more and more optimized for lower spec'd phones. so once they start getting android 4.4 on them, even lower spec'd phones will run pretty smoothly. my old Galaxy nexus (1.2 GHZ processor, 1GB RAM) runs REALLY well on 4.4.2. these are just 2 VERY different OS's, built in 2 completely different ways. iOS puts everything you see as a top wants to do everything at the same time. forget the old was really bad back in the 2.3 days. 4.0 was a HUGE step, and 4.4 is another big one. and pretty much anything outside of the nexus family is going to be a little less smooth and a little more laggy than android (stock android) really is.
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 06:23
You are misguided ios lags alot .i have it so useless phone .android phone with same feature are available with half the price
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