After having paraguard IUD for fout years, why would It come out while on my period?

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  • After having paraguard IUD for fout years, why would It come out while on my period?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 20:17
I have a couple of questions for you, first. Have you ever given birth? This period that you mention, was it an expected period or random mid-cycle bleeding that might have been mistaken for a period? I ask these questions for a couple of reasons. IUD expulsion happens, but it is more likely to occur in women that have never given birth than those that have given birth, or in women that have had an IUD inserted right after childbirth. Expulsion of an IUD is usually more common during the first few months after insertion, but it can occur years down the line. It may happen during a period, due to uterine contractions expelling the IUD, or it may happen mid-cycle and the bleeding that occurs as a result may be mistaken for a period. IUD expulsion is most likely to occur during menstruation, which is why women are told to check their strings once a month after their period. One last question. Have you noticed any excessive cramping and/or bleeding since having your IUD inserted? Cramping and heavier periods is a common complaint during the first several months of use (sometimes even the first few years), but it's supposed to subside with time. However, some women report no change in the cramping or heavier periods they experience after insertion of their IUD, even when left in place for the entire duration (5 years for Mirena, 10 years for ParaGard). This is because when an IUD is inserted into the uterus, the uterus views it as a foreign object, producting a foreign body reaction: the uterus will contract to expel the foreign object, resulting in cramping and heavier periods. It's always possible that the insertion of your IUD produced a strong foreign body reaction resulting in excessive cramping, and all of this cramping led to your IUD being expelled. Whatever the case might be, you need to see your doctor. You will not be protected against pregnancy at this time, and if your IUD was only partially expelled it will need to be removed by your doctor.

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