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  • Advice for first job!!!!?


Answer #1 | 31/12 2013 12:06
I'm 18 and I'm working at a Six Flags park right now as a ride attendant. Honestly, it's a great first job. I get to ride every once in a while and you don't need any experience going into it. If you want to work at a Starbucks, that's great too. Choose somewhere that you think you'd have fun at. I don't know about Starbucks' interview process but I can tell you about mine. When you apply, just use terms that show that you can learn new things and a self motivated. Show that you have an interest in working there not as just for an income but you have a genuine interest in working for the corporation. In my application, it asked why I wanted to work there. I was straight up honest with them and said 1) Income 2) Sounds fun 3) Gain experience for future jobs. Pay will be minimum wage, taxes are pretty easy if you use like Turbo Tax. You can find out how to pay taxes online as well. A resume is not needed in an entry level job like this with a high turnover rate. Almost everyone is seasonal anyway so they don't really care about your past experiences. They just need competent people to work for them. My interview process was actually a group interview. I found that out on the day of the interview. I was applying for a ride attendant position, so they were focused on the fun aspect of us. They asked us questions like "What's your favorite animal and can you act it out?" Or "Let's say you're dispatching a train and pretend you have a microphone. What would you say" Or "Since the park gets a lot of kids, why is rides department important?" Etc. They want to gauge how you are as a person and how you would interact with guests. Any corporation would want their workers to be happy and not sad and quiet. And apply everywhere! Don't apply to just one place. Apply to several places and if you get denied, apply again. It shows that you are really adamant about working with them. Good luck!
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Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 22:55
Since you don't have much work experience, I wouldn't worry about a resume. But, you could list jobs that you have done for neighbors or part time work that you have done so far. If you have been working for others, that may be a good indication of your work ethic, so a resume could really look good for you. Definitely look for at least the going minimum wage in your area. It should be around $8.25 or so, but state laws will dictate that amount. You might want to even start your own lawn care business. I have many friends that have done yard cleanups, planting, lawn mowing, etc.... and have gone on to own prosperous lawn care businesses during college and into their adulthood. It's all about what you are interested in. If you are good at de-virusing computers, that might be your golden ticket also. Again, it's all about what your interests are, and applying them to your best benefit, while also enjoying what you do for work.
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