Advice as a co-daycare provider?

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  • Advice as a co-daycare provider?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 17:43
Relax. It is just that kids are very much attached to the people whom they meet first. In your case the 22 months year old kid has formed a bond with your brother because your brother has spent a lot of time with him and thus they have bonded really well. Don't worry at all,it will not become a trend as you will there when the new kids will arrive and thus you will have the first chance this time to bond and gain trust of the kids. This is just normal human tendency, nothing to worry about. Am sure you are very talented and you will see it as the numbers increase. Keep faith....
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 11:46
At this age, children are going through different attachments. they are bonding, going through stranger aniexty, and also gaining independence. It may seem like he hates you now, but if you continue to engage with him, do one of one stuff, nurturing activites such as reading on laps, or side by side, diaper changing, etc, all that creates that bond. He has spent more time with your brother and mom so his bond is stronger with those two. It takes consistency! trust me. When i was doing my co-op (student teaching) i had one toddler who did not wanna be near me at was funny because i worked with him when he was in the infant room at the center, but hes just slow to warm up. We were best buds at the end of the summer and even when i go back and visit he runs up and gives me hugs! It took alot of consistency, me being engaging, talking to him, making conversation, asking open ended questions, sitting by him during mealtimes, changing diapers, hold hands during walks, etc. anything to make him feel comfortable with me.
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