Adding fresh mushroom to pasta?

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  • Adding fresh mushroom to pasta?


Answer #1 | 26/09 2013 17:53
Saute them first. It will bring out more flavor and get rid of some of the moisture.
Answer #2 | 26/09 2013 18:13
I start by cooking Onions and Mushrooms together than add Canned Tomatoes when making my sauce from scratch. You could also cook your onions till soft add sliced Mushrooms till soft and then Add a jar of sauce if you want. This way your sauce will taste more like homemade. Happy Eating!
Answer #3 | 26/09 2013 17:59
If you cook them long in the sauce it will give it a rich gravy-like flavor, but if you could them only last ten minutes (if sliced) then they will retain more flavor and character as mushrooms. Sauteing them is a good idea.
Answer #4 | 26/09 2013 17:58
what you could do is add the mushrooms(preferably sliced) in the tomato sauce (if you are using that) and then top the pasta with the tomato sauce with the mushrooms. Keep in mind that mushrooms cook real quick, don't overcook fresh ones because they can become bitter.
Answer #5 | 26/09 2013 18:15
Answer #6 | 26/09 2013 19:05
mushroom on ravioli with sauce
Answer #7 | 30/09 2013 09:15
Cool first
Answer #8 | 27/09 2013 00:47
hi.. mushroom in pasta a great combination. you can try. you can ready the paste of mushrooms then add the pasta mixed in low flame at 10 minutes..
Answer #9 | 27/09 2013 00:01
fry mushrooms before adding it to the pasta and you will get the best dish at the end. :)
Answer #10 | 26/09 2013 20:36
Pasta with Mushrooms are amazing! it adds the best flavor!!!!

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