Acer Chromebook capabilities?

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  • Acer Chromebook capabilities?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 04:34
Unless you plan on installing another Linux operating system (not a simple task), then the Chrome operating system on your Chromebook does not play any traditional downloadable games. Only downloadable games found on the Chrome Web Store will be downloaded in a traditional sense. The Chrome OS is primarily supports games that run in a browser that don't download anything to your computer, but these don't need to be found through the Chrome Web Store to work. So I guess, sorry to say, Chromebooks don't meet the system requirements for The Sims. You might try searching around for some other Sim like games that run through a browser.
Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 07:28 will scan your system and report on whether you can play it - it being the game(s) you choose

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