A question about a yugioh card?

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  • A question about a yugioh card?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 21:51
Some monsters that are good for summoning are goblindbergh, which you could use to special summon a fire monster, or you could use tin goldfish, or you could summon a level 4 fire monster and then use the effect of kagetokage to special summon himself. Another card that could work is inari fire, a level 4 fire monster which can be special summoned from your hand if you control a spellcaster, like summoner monk for example. I am not aware of any level 4 fire monsters that special summon other level 4 monsters, but these examples mentioned above will have to do. Hope this helps :)
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Answer #2 | 21/12 2013 01:40
no there simply isn't a card of that description.
Answer #3 | 18/12 2013 20:38
Level 4 Fire-type? No, there isn't. You have cards like Goblindbergh (Level 4 Earth) and Tin Goldfish (Level 4 Water) that can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower monster from your hand when they're Normal Summoned, but those cards aren't Fire-type. Edit: It doesn't seem like there are any Level 4 dragons that have that effect either...
Answer #4 | 19/12 2013 02:38
As it's said below I have never seen those kinds of cards before but there is an earth card called goblindbergh whose effect reads When this card is Normal summoned you can special summon 1 Level 4 or lower Monster from your hand then switch this card to defense position when this effect is activated. I have also heard of Tin goldfish but i'm not sure what it's effect is
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