A guy is out to get me!! HeLp!! HELP!!!?

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  • A guy is out to get me!! HeLp!! HELP!!!?


Answer #1 | 16/02 2012 19:19
Sounds like you're out to help him get you; why accept all the free drinks. Essentially you have led him on. You will have to make more intelligent decisions than that.
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Answer #2 | 20/02 2012 08:23
do not go back there listing to me do not drink there go home stay there . please stay away from there i am help you go home.
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Answer #3 | 16/02 2012 17:11
Sounds like he's a big creeper. Don't visit that dance club again. EVER. He probably already knows your phone number & where you live. Before you know it he'll have your social security! STAY AWAY FROM HIM Why did you let him give you drinks in the first place???
Answer #4 | 16/02 2012 17:10
Next time you go there just remember not to take the drinks!!
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