93 Acura integra over heats when's driving?

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  • 93 Acura integra over heats when's driving?


Answer #1 | 01/12 2013 16:57
Could be water pump.
Answer #2 | 01/12 2013 17:00
maybe theres air in the system since you did drain and fill it. also make sure the thermostat is installed correctly
Answer #3 | 01/12 2013 17:03
Probably not your water pump as it worked fine prior to the addition of your thermostat. I had this problem on a slightly older Integra. I am going to guess that the thermostat you installed was not a Honda/Acura brand? There is a difference. I had to remove the aftermarket (non Honda) and install the factory correct one. There was a slight difference in size and the factory one worked where the aftermarket one blocked coolant in the factory housing. The only other thing could be you have air in the system and it needs to be burped.
Answer #4 | 02/12 2013 06:11
You probably installed the thermostat backwards. Check and install correctly. Run the engine and idle to about 1/2 at the temp gauge. Check the upper hose. It should be warm. Drive car and check. If it does not fix it, run the engine, turn on the heat. Leave the fan off. Check if the upper hose is warm. Shut down when the engine is about 1/2 at the temp gauge. Look for the bleeder plug around the throttle area and loosen. Do not remove. Top off your coolant and run the engine again, turn on the heat with the fan off . Shut down and top off your coolant again if required. . Tighten bleeder port . Drive car and check.
Answer #5 | 03/12 2013 15:07
Your problem is the radiator. Thermostats and water pumps and head gaskets do not cause overheat. A partially plugged radiator has the symptoms you describe. You can't fix it so go to a RADIATOR SHOP and have it inspected and cleaned.

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